We are QGMI UK, a UK business, part of the QGMI Group, which is specialized in the development, structuring and implementation of civil engineering and construction projects.

Based in London, QGMI UK’s core business consists of building long-term relationships with UK based suppliers, contractors, and manufacturers to support the design and construction of critical infrastructure projects we build in emerging markets.

As a UK-based business, we leverage the quality, reliability and knowhow of small, medium, and large British enterprises and provide them with a pathway to exporting and increasing their customer base in new markets.

At present, our infrastructure projects include roads, flyovers, airports, and wastewater treatment plants. Thanks to the experience of the QGMI Group, we can also develop a wider range of infrastructure solutions.

Our development of infrastructure projects is always sustainable and in line with local regulations as well as international best practices to ensure they adequately manage and mitigate technical risk as well as health, safety, environmental and social impacts.

In addition, we support our clients with structuring cost-effective financing solutions for the projects in which we are involved.


Extensive construction experience, projects always being delivered in line with quality standards and on time.

Large commercial network, in-depth knowledge of strategic markets and relationships with the main employers in the industry.

Experienced in engaging with international financial institutions that support projects.

Globally experienced and highly knowledgeable Senior Management Team.

Track record of successful project implementation.

Committed to sustainability and strict compliance procedures.

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